About us

Nuestro nuevo emprendimiento - Our new venture

Trisoil S.A. is a new venture for the production of oils and balanced soy and corn for animal feed resulting from the association of entrepreneurs with strong rural tradition of the province of Cordoba, Argentina.

The product quality is guaranteed for thirty years experience of entrepreneurs in the business, plus the incorporation of methods of chemical-free production and high raw material traceability.

In a first stage, the project will produce soybean oil and soybean expeller and a second stage, aimed at developing cracked corn base mixture.


TRISOIL S.A. the first industry to produce in the town of Corralito was designed and assembled in the very short time a year, but how exciting this story is that its origins can be placed in 1976. The new phase of this story began in mid-July 2008, when the country was aware of what would happen to the controversial Resolution 125 that President Cristina Fernandez had sent to Congress. Two weeks before the Vice President Julio Cobos gave his vote “no positive” Corralito four producers met for the first time to move on an idea they had in mind: to add value to soybeans.
Only three games were sued his brother Raul Daniel Lattanzi, Fabio Mengo Fabian Pereyra and decide that they must process the raw material they produced. Apart from the excitement, the four closely united the recent past, that of their parents.

The Beginning

In 1976, Albert Lattanzi, Aldo Luis Pereyra Mengo and decided to form a de facto company to compete with the industrialists and businessmen from Cordoba who stayed with the fields in the area surrounding the village. Of the three the only producer was Lattanzi. Mengo and Pereyra were traders related to agricultural activity: the first was former manager of the Agricultural Cooperative Livestock and the second farm implement dealer.
Overall managed to buy a lot of acres. “The marriage lasted four years until 1980, and the separation was on very good terms.” So good was the experience they lived, who were committed to join again if there is any common goal.
The truth is that after everyone went to work their land and society did not re-form until the second generation did.